his mind is dimmed
by hazy fountains
constantly disturbing his sight
back when he was magically dreaming
in the middle of the night

a flash of light, illuminating
gives sight to a beauty unseen
her silhouette mysteriously shining
from somewhere in between

he whispers
only when you’re there I can hear my heart beating
only when you’re there I can feel the earth moving
only when you’re there
I really feel alive

fool she said
did you really think that
a look would be all it takes
then she turns away and leaves him
crushed but awake

His sight has cleared
and he starts to wonder
along life’s puzzling roads
always remembering her
and the secret she holds

Come Back, I miss you!
tell me what I should do
to get you back
the ordeal is endless
until I stare in the abyss
too realize
you’ve never been gone

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