flashing lights and pumping bass
bodies rave in ecstasy
searching for the mystic doorways
behind which they can be free

In between distorted faces
you calmly levitate
watching over the masquerade
in a docile embrace

but in these eyes of black amber
I can see the haze of sorrow
the gates of eden lie before us
yet we do not dare to enter

fly angel, fly
through the dark clouds of our days
in your soul
you hold the key
to paradise
why, you ask me why
can’t it always be like this
arling don’t you know
it was robbery

oh empress of empathy
who sees the grace in innocence
Pandora’s box is wide open
how hard it must be for you to see
people killing for gods and nations
raping their own mother earth
surely they have never known
the bliss of this emotion

a love so pure and unconditional
it turns every fear to pleasure
but also has to bear the pressure
of watching them go astray

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