capricious beauty

I’ve built up a comfort state of mind
was moving through the scenes
with a certain style
one glimpse from your eyes
shatters my disguise
and takes away
my self control
what could it mean
redemption or condemnation
I see both lie within

capricious beauty I worship you
no longer shall I moan
let me take a prayer at the altar of femininity
to serve your kingdom
I was born

ometimes I grow so fucking restless
want to have it all right now
run rabbit run to catch a slice of pleasure
instead of digging for the treasure
but deep inside I know
beauty can’t be stolen
it only comes to those who wait

I see hordes of aimless warriors
trying to impress the empress
have turned our world
into a bloody mess
not knowing what’s at stake
as men we’re born to fight
but without your yielding
there’s nothing to fight for

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