life is art

we live in hard times for dreamers
the visions of our fathers have been defamed
but there’s an army of believers
that cannot be tamed

and as the empire of ego is in bloom
he revelation will come soon
and it is our generation
to answer the great question

are we merely slaves to our nature?
or can we finally make the proof?
that mind is over matter
and the day is yet to come

when the dream is reality
when utopia is now
when ideals control our actions
when life is art

we still see the vision clear
molded by the prophets we hold dear
a world where every man every tree
live together again in perfect harmony

but the vultures, feeding on suffering
have brought us to the edge of destruction
are trying to make it seem
nothing but a hopeless fancy

but as long as we are breathing
we will not stop to fight
in thousand different ways
everyday until the day

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