lover’s asylum

well once my life was nestled
in the realms of happiness
with you by my side
every day was full of bliss
desire had the best of me
tequila made me weak
I’ve reached for the forbidden fruit
I guess blessed are the meek

I’m in Lover’s Asylum
since you sent me away
where a cold wind is blowing
each and every day
my heart lies frozen at the bottom of this cave
there ain’t no return, I cannot be saved

having wondered through the darkness
for many restless hours
I saw a candle flickering
somewhere in the dark
when I got closer
I saw it was the love of a girl
offering me redemption
snow-white virginity
but when the ice around my heart
started to melt
the drops of water
made the fire out

so I asked the spirits of the earth
to please take me back
but they said: ,,son you’ve gone to far astray
to ever come back!“
looking around me
I start to realize
this place is packed with company
the high society
is here with me

I’m gonna keep on climbing
this frozen waterfall
on top I see the empress
waiting for me
and I know if I work hard enough
one day she will take me back

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