I was just about
to get it started
when my thoughts
started slipping away

there are so many
when mind
and matter meet

I should be cool
indifferent and mean
if I want to succeed
in this system of greed

I should be sound
modest and content
cause I don’t want
to cause my mama pain

ndless considerations
are happening within
I’m stuck in procrastination
apathy and constant sin
I should do this I should do that
so I’m doing nothing instead

I should gather
the knowledge of man
fill my inside
with the lines of their pens
I should harvest
the fruits of the moment
you know
tomorrow could be the end

I should run
through the street right now
and crush the temples
of the golden calf

How can I sit here
while time is

and it is killing me
I just want to be free
thoughts can be a prison
in witch action is contained
searching for the perfect way
will always be in vain

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