the way

walking through the city
to clear my mind
but constant distraction
makes it hard to unwind
heard the world is dying
but I always do forget
cause these pictures of insignificance
are flooding my head
anorexic models and fancy cars
sterile porn and fake guitars
millions of people
that are all so far apart

but all this disinformation
we’ve swallowed for so long
is no longer working
there’s something going on
so don’t tell me bout the movies
don’t tell me bout football
I only want to find
the way out of babylon with you

there are voices in my head
trying to tell me what to do
there is no need to tell me
I know you hear them too
they say money sex and power
is all that counts
but tell me what is it worth
while we all are going down
and as I start to realize

these dreams are not my own
I find myself out here
all alone

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