today I’ve been living my life,
like a blind man crawling on my knees
on days like these think it’s better to stay home

every word that I say
comes out the wrong way
tell me why should I go out and face another day

I’m tired of their games
and I’m scared of myself
the way out leads to lies
the way in
 to pain

No god will come to save me
no satan is there to raise me
I feel the cold
I feel the empty space

ll that I want is to be a better man for you
ll that I want to always be there for you
ause if there’s a reason to stay alive
it’s to hold you close
and to make you believe in music and love
and to protect you til‘ the end

I long to love you
but the flesh is weak
and on my back
sits the demon of greed
stabbing with a fork
into the ocean
looking for the treasure
that lies on the bottom

I feel the time has come
to go with the flow
what love really means
is wishing to see you grow
and until the day you are back
will keep holding on
going my way singing my songs
and paying my dues

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