your world

I met her one cold and rainy night
we had a few smokes and talked a while
she had the strength of a lion
the heart of a saint
the body of a siren
and a past full of rain

her mother died her father got sick
lord knows how she coped with it
to be a sweet girl rover in a world of cruelty
but she made it she came over
a torch for you and me

Living my life in clover
I’m a lazy fat weak peace of flesh
watching your world from my bubble
all the troubles i face seem a joke

A fragile old woman with a voice so intense
telling stories from our darkest days
it was 1939 when the soldiers came
and put her family on an east bound train

years of humiliation suffering and death
and now she’s standing there in front of us
calm and unbroken like a solid rock
she made it she came over
a torch for you and me

Skimming through the pages of a newspaper
overwhelmed by tragedies impossible to grasp
the question is burning deep in my heart
what gambler is that god who puts us where we are

heal me from my sickness
give me eyes to see
the road
that I must take
to meet my destiny

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